Building Web Applications with Vue.js

Sarah Drasner
7 November 2018
09:00 — 17:00

All workshop tickets also include a Thursday ffconf pass.

What you'll learn on the day

  • UP AND RUNNING: Directives, Methods, Computed, and Watchers

    Learn the basic semantics of Vue.js as well as how to efficiently work with Vue's reactivity system
  • COMPONENTS: Working with components using the CLI and in legacy codebases

    Learn the different ways to define a component and why you might choose different solutions based on greenfield or legacy projects.

    Understanding both transition and transition-group and what they allow you to do, ranging from coordinating entrances to transitioning state. We'll also talk about page transitions.

    Students will work with open APIs, using mutations and actions with Axios and communicating with components.

Detailed description

Vue.js brings together the best features of the javascript framework landscape elegantly. If you're interested in writing maintainable, clean code in an exciting and expressive manner, you should consider joining this class. We'll run through all the ways that Vue quickly solves common Frontend developer implementations, as well understanding all that's available to you. If you're interested in supercharging your workflow building out web applications with fewer bugs and more maintainable code, this course is for you.


  • Learn how to build Vue applications with ease
  • Work with components in a few different ways to see how to leverage different usages to solve for different projects
  • Working with animations in Vue, including more advanced uses like SVG animation and page transitions
  • How to work with the Vue CLI and Nuxt, and the features of each
  • How to work with Vuex for a centralized state management store

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