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Amongst the best events for the web community, with consistent balance of educational and inspirational talks, and perfect for the end of your year, getting you ready for the new year.

#ffconf was on my must-go list as I have found it to be the best in terms of balancing inspiration talks vs more educational / useful , plus the nice atmosphere and overall quality.


  1. Registration

  2. Opening remarks

  3. Mentoring: Being the help you wish you'd had

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    The tech industry is suffering; from bad role models and unrealistic expectations, from anxiety and impostor syndrome and from a lack of diversity, empathy and ethical consideration. Everyone, no matter how junior, can mentor and be a hero for someone else, for the industry and for yourself.

    Speaker origin story: After studying (and hating) electronic engineering, I thought I'd teach myself HTML/CSS as a better fit for my love of tech+creativity. I wrote some terrible portfolio sites, applied for 50 million jobs and eventually one let me start my career!

  4. The Future of JavaScript & Machine Learning

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    Deep learning, computer vision, natural-language processing, robotics - there are many exciting things happening with ai and machine learning, but where does JavaScript fit in with all of this?

    Speaker origin story: Founded a startup, ran out of money, had to learn to code to build the product and absolutely loved it. Decided to be a developer.

  5. Coffee break (30 mins)

  6. Practical Web Animation

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    Web Animation is an essential part of great user experience leveraging cognitive load and allowing us to provide user feedback. This talk examines Web Animation from a practical standpoint, answering when to use it, how to keep your animations performant from a browser standpoint and exploring the animation options we have on the web today.

    Speaker origin story: Studied city planning for some time, but since I’m quite an impatient person and it takes decades to build cities, I decided to build websites instead. Still loving having immediate results and instant feedback from people interacting with what I build.

  7. Is it possible to build a truly diverse community?

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    Often in our industry, aiming to increase diversity has been about finding people and trying to make them fit the mould of your event, project or team. How about changing the goal to making environments that could accommodate people from all headspaces, including people we haven't met yet?

    Speaker origin story: Combining an electronics & art background, they joined the tech world as a PHP developer and now works as a Community Engineer.

  8. Lunch break (90 mins)

  9. Back to the future of JS: the next features and amazing proposals

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    Do you want to discover the next exciting JavaScript features that you didn’t even know you needed? Let me present you three proposals that may change the way you write code the same way the spread operator did.

    Speaker origin story: I started doing CS trying to be a game developer, but I ended up doing UI engineering instead which is as funny as playing PS4 \(^▽^)/.

  10. Dear Developer, the Web Isn't About You

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    What is the Web really about? Who do we develop our products for? Is it designed for Silicon Valley rock star 10x ninja frontend engineers to have fun coding on? Or is the Web a place for users from all walks of life, using all kinds of technologies, who might be using your product in the most stressful situations?

    Speaker origin story: I realised I wasn't an engineer the second I started making things for the web. I'm a designer (a very grumpy one). That doesn't mean I don't code. It's just that I design for people first, rather than skipping ahead to the technology.

  11. Cake break (30 mins)

  12. Using a Modern Web to Recreate 1980s Horribly Slow & Loud Loading Screens

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    These days people chase the dream of high performance, fast loading slick web sites. But in the 1980s computers were ugly, slow and loud: let’s make that instead 👴👵💪

    Speaker origin story: My dad gave me a ZX BASIC listing for Star Wars, in '88 (I think?). I spent the day coding. My codes did not work. So began my devlife.

  13. Weird Web & Curious Creation

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    Code is for work, but also for play. We have so much power at our fingertips, it would be silly not to relax every now and then and make something weird. Hang with Tim, and get inspired to create!

    Speaker origin story: Always enjoyed creating things, and web was the platform that stuck. If I can do it, anyone can!

  14. Closing remarks

  15. After Party (details on lanyard)



All workshops are run on 7 November and include a conference pass for the 8 November for £465+VAT.

Modern Universal React dev with Next.js



Our diversity statement

ffconf takes diversity seriously. We know that a diverse line-up is important for the inclusion of marginalised people in the tech community.

We want people to attend because of the content we provide, not who's presenting it. As such, we only reveal our speakers at the day of the conference.

This statement is our approach to make our commitment to diversity as transparent as possible. We are striving to do better each year.

In the previous 3 years, ffconf's speaker distribution included over 50% women and POC and each year we intend to maintain diversity in our speakers. And we are proudly holding our event in Brighton.

This isn't something we should be proud of, because it should be the norm, but it is what we've got and we'd like to share that with you.

You can also apply for our diversity scholarship, open until the 26 October.

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